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Kamensky Consulting Oy is a management consultancy established in 1980.  From the very beginning the company has concentrated on strategic management and especially on strategy processes.

The company has always based its activities on experienced partners and advisors, who have long career and strong practical experience in various businesses and also profound theoretical knowledge about business strategies, strategic management, leadership and interactive processes in business organizations.

Kamensky Consulting's mission is to help its customers to run their own businesses successfully and sustainable way.  Our core values are responsibility, interaction, entrepreneurship and targeting at profit and fun in all our duties.

Products and processes

Kamensky Consulting's products and processes are based on Mika Kamensky's book "Strategic Management - Diamond of Success".  The focus of the book is on strategic process, architecture and practical tools, which help companies and their top management to turn their business analyses and strategic targets into tailor-made strategic plan for their whole corporation and its SBAs.

The major elements of the Diamond of Success are naturally the cornerstones of the strategic success factors: Strategy, Management, Competence and Interaction - and how to combine them into a solid and working management structure.  This is a real key to continuous success!

The architecture of strategic management and the methods presented in the book are, according to a recent study, the most used among the 500 largest companies in Finland.  The book has become a strategy handbook in its field!

The newest book "The Diamond of Success" was published in May 2015. It deepens and enlarges the contents of the book "Strategic Management - Diamond of Success".  Especially the edges of the diamond: Strategy, Management, Competence and Interaction, are described from many view points of these issues.

Unfortunately, the books are available only in Finnish.

The products and activities which Kamensky Consulting Oy offers its customers are: Complete Strategy Processes - Process Consulting, Coaching Strategic Management, Evaluating Strategic System of companies or its SBAs, Consulting Boards and Executive Teams, Mentoring and Coaching top management and key persons.

Partner and Consultant

Mika Kamensky, the founder of the Company, graduated from Turku School of Economics and Business Administration in 1969.  He has been engaged in business strategies, organizational and human resource development processes for hundreds of companies and SBAs.  Mika Kamensky has also been a board member in several companies and has held many confidential posts of various professional communities.


If you have any need to improve strategic management, strategy processes or other strategic planning issues in your company, please, do not hesitate to contact us!

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